• To implement the Quality Management System requirements and to improve its effectiveness continuously,

• To provide competitive advantage by producing with appropriate costs,

• To increase the confidence of our customers by realizing customer demands in the desired quality, timely and complete

• To be a recognized brand in the automotive sector, to have a good image of current and potential customers

• Cooperation with our suppliers based on mutual benefits

• Preventing workers from taking risks related to occupational health and safety.

• Ensuring the participation of employees


Environmental policy 

• Preventing pollution at the source by taking environmental effects into consideration while preparing all projects.

• To minimize wastes to nature

• Comply with all legal and environmental requirements.

• To encourage our supplier to be environmentally responsible.

• Ensuring sustainable development by taking measures to reduce the use of natural resources such as electricity consumption and by setting targets every year

• To raise awareness by educating all employees on the Environment

• Continuous improvement activities


Health & Safety policy

 Our company is committed to providing and maintaining the highest level of quality based on the principle of eder FIRST HEALTH AND SAFETY düzey while maintaining the occupational health and safety of its employees and continuously improving the working environment.

 To ensure the elimination of occupational health and safety risks by taking precautionary measures;

• To provide continuous improvement in OHS issues;

• To comply with the relevant legislation, administrative regulations and the rules of the organizations which are members of the OSH in force;

• To provide trainings in order to ensure that both the direct staff of the company and the subcontractors employed are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities;

• Periodically reviewing the OHS Policy to maintain compliance;

• Mutually sharing the experiences of OSH acquired with public, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations in order to ensure the continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety


Information Security Policy

  • To keep information security at the highest level;
  •  The judge of the information, the approval of the authorized personnel, is protected from unauthorized changes and becomes aware of the need to be authorized
  •  Information security, communications and advanced electronics technology, Turkey's technology expertise and ongoing conservation process on security, power of the people on this issue and is developing a strong and able to implement environmental management.
  •  Ensure that basic and supportive business activities continue with minimal downtime
  •  We will not share any information about the people and / or institutions that we provide products and / or services with 3rd parties,
  •  We will establish up-to-date firewalls against malicious focused attacks that will attempt to reach unauthorized persons and / or institutions,
  •  We will ensure that they belong to our company and ensure their integrity,
  •  We will take the necessary measures to prevent such viruses as we may be the source of viruses and malware,
  •  comply with legally prescribed and integrated information security;
  • We commit,