• Crankshaft pulley testing


Crankshaft pulleys have a basic role in the performance of different systems of the car. We put our crankshaft pulleys through the fatigue test applying measured force and a specified number of cycles in a climatized environment to assess the performance of the crankshaft

  • Tensile testing

Elasticity and stiffness measurement of rubber material basically determines how much bending and shaping our raw materials can withstand before braking or being deformed.

This test is done in-house with the ZWICK machine. This machine is used by the most performing factories in the automotive market.



  • 3 Axes Fatigue Testing


Putting the car part through a round of cycles of constant vibration or that simulates the road action, determines the endurance limit the part. This special testing machines is developed by engineers of UCEL in house.

  • Rheometric test


Measuring the vulcanization parameters of the rubber to allow proper the curing of the rubber to give exact mechanical properties demanded.

  • Thermal sagging


Applying force on rubber under a certain temperature to measure the residual deformation of the material after a specified amount of time.

  • Density test : One of the standard tests to assure the quality of raw material.

  • Hardness test

The hardness of the rubber and metallic materials is crucial on the mechanical performance, hence measured for every batch the material to assure the necessary quality level for the market.

  • Load & force tests : Blast load test of rubber parts (bushings), determines maximum load capacity of the part.